Yoga for Stress and Overwhelm

Yoga for Stress and Overwhelm Join us in class where we get to Surrender.

Surrendering is a state of grace, not a sign of weakness. What are you ready or needing to let go of?

The need to know, the need to be right, the need to control, the need for perfection? We’re going to let it all go!!!

We start in Child’s Pose with the palms up.

Transition into a deep exhaling Cat stretch and then transition into a Cat – child pose sequence.

Our Downward dog brings us to our feet where we play with a forward bend variation to calm and sooth our nervous system while stretching and releasing hamstrings.

We end on our belly’s with some dynamic cobra variations to balance our adrenal glands.

The sleeping crocodile let’s us settle into a deep relaxations where we work with the affirmation – I am whole, I trust, I am love, I am.

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Namaste and have a nourishing day!


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