Welcome to our Nourish & Restore Podcast Series – Nourish Self. 

Here we present to you our Nourish & Restore podcast channel. In these podcasts we aim to assist you to dive deeper into learning about tools that will assist you in Nourishing Self, how to take back your power and be in charge of your own life by being healthy, happy and well balanced.

This series has been all about our 7 Chakras. Have a look at the podcasts below and enjoy exploring that which you are needing right now.

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Nicole’s offerings in more depth Nourish & Restore Podcast

Hello lovely!  So good to have you back and thank you for your interest in my offerings. Here are the links as promised. Journal Planner online version – Etsy will post this once finalised!!!  Journal Planner in print A5 softcover and the surprise being announced soon on Kickstarter – will post this once finalised!!! Introduction to Energy online Workshop/ Masterclass – sign up here  Guided Meditation / Yoga Nidra – more information  Meditation of study Mala – contact me directly on nicole@lov-me.com Lovme App and to join our Conscious Living Group – sign up here  Sommerfest – 1 July in Turnau Austria – Join us!   That's all from me for now. Sending you all so so so much love.   Lovme, Nicole xxx
  1. Nicole’s offerings in more depth
  2. In Gratitude
  3. Natural Living with Nina – What it’s all about
  4. How to use the ELEMENTS to understand your evolutionary cycle.
  5. From Rebirth to a Month of Change
  6. Shifting the energy with Nicole Panzer
  7. Daydream
  8. Exploring Rebirth
  9. Intro Chat for April’s topic Rebirth
  10. Yoga to Tap into Your Intuition