Welcome to our Nourish & Restore Podcast Series – Nourish Self. 

Here we present to you our Nourish & Restore podcast channel. In these podcasts we aim to assist you to dive deeper into learning about tools that will assist you in Nourishing Self, how to take back your power and be in charge of your own life by being healthy, happy and well balanced.

This series has been all about our 7 Chakras. Have a look at the podcasts below and enjoy exploring that which you are needing right now.

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Thank you & closing chat for the Chakra Series Nourish & Restore Podcast

Thank you to you for joining us on our Nourish & Restore Podcast channel where we thrive to bring you tools, info & techniques on how to nourish self on all levels of your being.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support, please share our podcast channel with all those you love in order for us to grow our tribe. We will be taking a 2 months break as we navigate our way into the new and upcoming work and information we'll be sharing with you. In the meantime please be in touch with us through our various social media channels to connect with us and share with us what it is you'd like to learn more about, what you might need assistance with and what you feel is lacking in your life that we can include in our next series.  Thank you! We're so looking forward to hearing from you. Nina & Nicole 💜 http://www.nourishandrestore.yoga https://web.facebook.com/nourishandrestoreyogaretreats http://www.saacks.com http://www.lov-me.com
  1. Thank you & closing chat for the Chakra Series
  2. Chakra Nidra & Relaxation
  3. Closing Breathwork Practice with Nina
  4. Coming to a Close Yoga with Nina Saacks
  5. Encompassing all the Chakras ~ in conversation with Nina & Nicole
  6. Crown Centre Relaxation with Nina Saacks
  7. Crown Chakra Breathwork practice ~ connect to self and inner wisdom
  8. Crown Chakra Yoga sequence
  9. Connection ~ Crown Chakra
  10. Intuition ~ Relaxation with Nicole Angelika Panzer