Welcome to our Nourish & Restore Podcast Series – Nourish Self. 

Here we present to you our Nourish & Restore podcast channel. In these podcasts we aim to assist you to dive deeper into learning about tools that will assist you in Nourishing Self, how to take back your power and be in charge of your own life by being healthy, happy and well balanced.

This series has been all about our 7 Chakras. Have a look at the podcasts below and enjoy exploring that which you are needing right now.

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How to Plan for the Year Nourish & Restore Podcast

In this episode we explore why it's important to release old patterns and ways of doing things as well as old ways of thinking. How to create ritual to release: acknowledge gratitude release open to the new. We explore way to Nourish and Restore our Health and what that might look like for you this year. We also spend time listing the 5 people we want to be spending more time with this year and making plans to do so. We end off listing things we want to do more of and things we want to be doing less of. Enjoy this bonus session with Nina Saacks. For more information on Nourish and Restore visit https://nourishandrestore.yoga/ To find out more about me Nina visit http://yogaaa.co.za/ To find out more about Nicole visit https://www.lov-me.com/ Namaste and have a nourishing day!
  1. How to Plan for the Year
  2. How to Build Resilience
  3. How to Set Priorities
  4. How to set personal health goals with Nina
  5. 2023 has arrived. What does this year have in store for you?
  6. Reflective Journaling and an end of year flow
  7. Connecting to your tribe
  8. Are you feeling a little all over the place?
  9. Moving Inwards for Anxiety & Stress Management
  10. How to Journal in a Healing Crisis