Welcome to our Nourish & Restore Yoga Retreats and Workshops.

Reaching a state of inner peace and tranquilityΒ by nourishing and restoring the body, mind and soul.

While we restore a little longer and navigate the “new normal” we’ve put together some fabulous online courses to be released in 2021. In the mean time, before those are released be sure to join us for our FREE monthly online immersions where you get to immerse and indulge yourself for an hour to just BE… sounding blissful? You bet!!! This is exactly what we’d been looking for all year and couldn’t find. So we decided to create an immersion with exactly what we were searching for, join us on these new adventures in a fun, nurturing and restorative manner.

Remember that as travel restrictions ease up that we will be able to offer specialized retreats for groups (personal or corporate) in Europe and Africa. Let us know your requirements and Nina and Nicole will create something magical for you. Be it by the beach, in the mountains, on an island or by a lake. We have sourced great venues, delicious meals and the right amount of interaction.

We look forward to creating a unique and special retreat for you.
A time for you to relax, rest, restore and nourish yourself as we take care of all the rest.
Great venues, gentle yoga, restful surroundings, peaceful views, delicious meals, fun people and a few surprises thrown in to make you smile even more πŸ™‚

We look forward to meeting you on the mat!