About Us

Nicole Panzer

IMG_0080Trained originally in Vinyasa Yoga with Jim Harrington, will teach gentle, flow yoga classes, focusing on creating space, energy, and lightness within. She was first introduced to yoga in 1998, initially yoga helped her de-stress from her daily responsibilities working in a stressful environment. Having been very wild in her late teens and early 20’s, the practice of yoga always ended up bringing her back to her and gave her time for a little reflection.

Later on the practice of yoga, during her pregnancy brought her closer to her unborn child and allowed her to look after herself and her needs during this beautiful stage of life. Her true love for yoga was reignited in 2007, after having gone through difficult times of feeling lost and partly overwhelmed with where her life was at that point in time.

The practice of yoga, that one hour on her mat twice a week, really allowed her to shine the torch within and truly find herself and allow for her passion in life to shine through. This passion of inner healing and wisdom she is now sharing with others in her yoga classes as well as other healing modalities she has added to her toolbox.

Nina Saacks

Trained as an Integral Hatha yoga teacher at the Ananda Kutir Ashram in Cape Town in 2003, Nina brings the softness and alignment into her Yoga classes. Classes are based on the principles of Ayurveda, making each class unique and adaptable to the current state of her students and the surroundings. These ease the students into a state of inner peacefulness and balance.

Over the years, Nina’s love for yoga and the very many different forms it comes in has led her to explore different areas using yoga – publishing a local yoga magazine, creating online portals for yoga teachers and events as well as being one of the directors at The Academy of Yoga and Ayurveda, a teacher training school in Cape Town.

Nina’s fresh approach to the ancient mind-body discipline means a collaboration between the western mind and the eastern body; the esoteric and the scientific, to help facilitate new students on their path to yoga and yoga teaching. Her yoga journey continues each and every day in which ever form it manifests opening the space for new opportunities, growth, and understanding so that it may be shared and experienced by others too.