Yoga Nidra – Fire Element with Nina Saacks

Join Nina in this Following Your Desires, Fire Element relaxation practice. Take time to still the mind, set an intention and move towards it. Allow the desire to arise and the fire element to propel you towards it.

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Kapalbhati Breath

Enjoy, as Nicole guides you through the Kapalbhati breathwork practice. 

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Podcast Launch Day!!!


Today is the day!!!! We are so so so honoured to be sharing our very 1st podcast for our Nourish & Restore – Nourish Self Podcast Series with you!

Here’s the link to our PODCAST

Make a cup of tea, have a seat and enjoy our mini introduction. Find out more about Nina and Nicole as well as our journey and plans with our new Podcast series. Each week we will bring you something Health and Wellness Related… You’ll have to listen to find out more 🙂

There’s bound to be something for everyone!

We would love to hear from you, your thoughts and ideas as we continue to develop our offerings and stories. Wishing you a Nourishing day 🌸


Nina and Nicole