Thank you & closing chat for the Chakra Series

Thank you to you for joining us on our Nourish & Restore Podcast channel where we thrive to bring you tools, info & techniques on how to nourish self on all levels of your being. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support, please share our podcast channel with all those you love in order for us to grow our tribe. We will be taking a 2 months break as we navigate our way into the new and upcoming work and information we’ll be sharing with you.

In the meantime please be in touch with us through our various social media channels to connect with us and share with us what it is you’d like to learn more about, what you might need assistance with and what you feel is lacking in your life that we can include in our next series. 

Thank you! We’re so looking forward to hearing from you.

Nina & Nicole 💜

Closing Breathwork Practice with Nina

Join Nina in this 10 minute breathing practice where we bring it all together.

Bringing the breath-work we have done with our 7 chakras to a close.

Take time, and enjoy.

See you on the mat



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Coming to a Close Yoga with Nina Saacks

We complete our journey of the 7 main chakras with this final chakra yoga class.


In this session we explore a Yoga posture for each chakra, working our way up, like being on a journey and then focussing on our chakras on the way back down with our affirmations and breath.


A beautifully gentle yet powerful session.


Make time to enjoy this one. It’s worth it!


See you on the mat



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Encompassing all the Chakras ~ in conversation with Nina & Nicole

Welcome to this months conversation with me Nicole & my awesome partner in health Nina. This month we wrap up the Chakra Series, leaving you with great tips and tricks to assist you with staying nicely balanced, nourished and connected for you to move through your daily life grounded & with purpose.

Crown Centre Relaxation with Nina Saacks

Enjoy time relaxing and opening to the divine, the universe, to all that is.


In this Yoga Nidra Practice you will gain a bigger perspective and feel your inner connection deeply.


Take 15 minutes for yourself to reorient yourself, to balance and to nourish not just your body, but your mind as well.


See you on the mat.




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Thank you for tuning in 💜

Intuition and Breathing with Nina

Join Nina in this breathing practice to help balance and bring awareness to the 3rd eye, our centre of intuition.

We use the traditional version of Nadi Shodhana to awaken, balance and gently stimulate our intuitive state.

Find 15 minutes to sit quietly to just breath.

Enjoy and see you on the mat!





Intuition Yoga with Nina

Join Nina in this blindfolded yoga class where we explore the practice of presencing by:

1. connecting to our body sensations

2. connecting to our feelings

3. connecting to our thoughts 


We explore these sensations in our gentle warm up movements, our preparatory postures as well as our Sun Salutations.


Enjoy this introspective session where you get to remove the sense of sight and allow the other senses to come to the forefront.


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