Yoga to Tap into Your Intuition

A Yoga class to help you feel empowered.

Let your Intuition guide you. It’s all about going within and breathing.

We do most of the class seated, so get comfortable and begin with a few spinal circles – stirring the pot

We spend a delicious amount of time with an arm sequence, opening up the side body and releasing into our shoulders and necks – it’s delicious once you get into the groove.

A wonderful way to lubricate the spine and learn to listen to your body and what it want’s and needs today.

We spend a little time exploring different cat stretch movements, a twist and then ending in a seated meditation where we focus on the breath and energy travelling up and down the spine.

Remember that when you quieten the mind and go within, you’re hear what your body is telling you. You are your best teacher. The wisdom is within.

Quieten the mind, quieten the thoughts and you will hear.

See you on the mat!

x Nina


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Namaste and have a nourishing day!


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