Yoga to Boost Your Energy

Take less than 10 minutes to give yourself a boost of energy this morning.

A class to do when you need to get fired up to tackle something ahead of you.

Ramp up your energy to get through your day in a positive manner.

We start standing with the Breath of joy – arms forward, side, up exhale through mouth down. Release stagnant energy, let go of what is not serving you.

We spend some time in sound circles, then move into a dynamic warrior and side angle sequence where we feel grounded and secure in our base, while free, light and expansive in our upper body.

A Goddess flow brings us back to our breath while we take ourselves into a dynamic shoulder release – NOTE – shoulder towards opposite knee (not elbow 🙈)

We end with a Down dog, cat stretch and seated breathing meditation where we return to our centre, our midline.

Enjoy this session!

x Nina


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Namaste and have a nourishing day!


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