Self love for Valentines Day

And welcome back to this weeks release on self love. Today I have some journal prompts for you and a little card reading at the end. Journal prompts are: 1. How to best take care of myself. 2. self acceptance – do I accept myself fully? 3. what parts of myself do I shy away from? For some assistance on how to best take care of yourself I posted a Self love tip checklist on Instagram & Facebook so head on over to our pages to have a look there.

I have also added a link to our previous heart chakra podcasts for you to listen back on and enjoy the Yoga Nidra and meditation exercise. For more assistance don’t hesitate to contact me, we can book you in a session to assist you through your current blockage. Having this support to do so makes it all so much easier and more bearable. Sending you so much love and a big bear squeeze.

Lovme, Nicole

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