Putting ourselves out there!

Whoohoo our 1st intro …. this is what it’s all about putting yourself out there.
We look forward to sharing so much more with you all in the not so distant future!

As they say great things take time to build with love & patience from the two of us just as quirky as we are.

All our love, Nina Saacks & Nicole Angelika Panzer

Happy Woman’s Day

Wishing all women a beautiful, inspiring and fabulous day.

Thanks to our November 2017 Retreat Group. You guys were amazing and we honour each and everyone of you. Thank you for inspiring us to carry on with our dream, thank you for supporting us not just financially but emotionally as well, because of each one of you, we are able to do this again this year.

Deep, deep gratitude to you all.


Nina and Nicole



Keep Calm

We’ve got it all under control.

Our plans are coming along nicely and we already have our houseboat organised.

This is where you can stay for 3 nights and 4 days. Let yourself be pampered by us!

No cooking, no cleaning, no washing, no screaming kids, no long faces… Just time out for you.

Your weekend, your choice

Join us for yoga – or not

Join us for a hike – or not

Join us on the beach – or not

Join us in conversation – or not

… this weekend is for you… you get to choose that which you would like to do… the rest will just happen.

Bring a friend – it’ll be all the more fun.

Where the sky touches the sea

Stillness, calmness, peacefulness, tranquility… expanded beauty… This is where the sky and sea meet…

Take time out today and breathe…

Breathe in the beauty and expansiveness of the sky and breathe out restriction and constriction…

Breathe in the gentleness and movement of the sea and breathe out stagnation and gunk…

Find your inner stillness and peace. Find the rhythm of your breathe and enjoy that soft lulling motion.


Worry Less…

Worry less and find a friend to paddle with…

That holds true for all things in life. Doing something with a friend is not only a lot more fun, but it will get you to do the activity more regularly. So flip open your phone, scroll through your contacts and find a friend who you can take to a yoga class (or some fun and healthy activity) this week!

See you on the mat or SUP!


Let Your Spirit Soar

What makes you happy?

What makes you smile?

What makes you want to get up and dance?

What makes you laugh out load?

What makes you so excited that you want to pick up your phone and call a friend?


These are some questions you get to contemplate right now… Keep it light, keep it simple and let your spirit soar.

Live your dreams.

And remember that you are enough just as you are right now.


We’ll see you on the mat!

Crazy Magic – this is how it all happened

Nina is in the middle of putting together a 20 day online challenge. Find out about Friendship, Inspiration & Magic.

This is Nina and Nicole’s, Nourish and Restore Story (okay, well just a little part of the story).

We hope it inspires you to pick up the phone and make contact with the friend… who knows what might happen.


Join a Yoga Class this Week

A gift to yourself. Join a yoga class this week. There are so many to choose from nowadays. Find a studio close to home or work or pop online… the options are endless, all it requires is for you to take time out and to make that commitment. We have, have you? Let us know where you are going to practising, in the comments section below…
Nina will be visiting Der Kleine Yoga Garten while she is in Hanover this week, and Nicole has a new exciting plan up her sleeve so has been bound to her mat in front of a camera. #nourishandrestoreyogaretreats #yogaretreats#yogaretreatssouthafrica #yogaretreatscapetown

Hidden Gem

So Nicole and me headed out for an early dinner brainstorming session for our meal plans for the upcoming retreat in November, as I am heading off one my adventures overseas this month.

We came across this gem, Hidden Leaf, in the middle of Woodstock. They have the most amazing vegan veggie burger (and some pretty awesome Mojito’s as well)… let’s just say we’ve been inspired… and we feel we may need a few more brainstorming sessions out and about in Cape Town… We’re sure there are a few more hidden gems lying around.

Let us know your favourite hangout spots for us to test and be inspired by!

Have a beautiful week


Nina & Nicole