What is this Houseboat Yoga Retreat in Cape Town, with Nina & Nicole all about?

What is it all about, what can you expect, what does it look like, and who are we? 🙂

Your questions answered here. Here is a little clip on our November 2016 Retreat.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard the Nirvana Luxury Houseboat!


Nina & Nicole


Let Your Spirit Soar

What makes you happy?

What makes you smile?

What makes you want to get up and dance?

What makes you laugh out load?

What makes you so excited that you want to pick up your phone and call a friend?


These are some questions you get to contemplate right now… Keep it light, keep it simple and let your spirit soar.

Live your dreams.

And remember that you are enough just as you are right now.


We’ll see you on the mat!

Join a Yoga Class this Week

A gift to yourself. Join a yoga class this week. There are so many to choose from nowadays. Find a studio close to home or work or pop online… the options are endless, all it requires is for you to take time out and to make that commitment. We have, have you? Let us know where you are going to practising, in the comments section below…
Nina will be visiting Der Kleine Yoga Garten while she is in Hanover this week, and Nicole has a new exciting plan up her sleeve so has been bound to her mat in front of a camera. #nourishandrestoreyogaretreats #yogaretreats#yogaretreatssouthafrica #yogaretreatscapetown