The Cat Stretch Sequence with Nicole

Enjoy this lovely little sequence today to relieve tension and tightness in the back, open the chest and let your heart centre feel free.

Gentle morning flow….resting …. surrendering into child’s pose / balasana ….. breathing deeply….. in and out ….. 4/5 times …. stilling the mind and centering…. slowly rise up stretching into your spine from the crown of your head all the way down each vertebrae into the coccyx. Strong arms and legs grounded into the mat to support you. Slowly stretching into the chest on inhalation as we pull our shoulders back arching into our spine and opening into our chest / heart centre into cow / bitilasana …. on exhalation gently rounding stretching into the space between your shoulder blades opening into the back of our heart centre whilst pushing away from the floor with both hands and knees … cat pose / marjaryasana. Gently repeating a couple more times arching your spine on inhalation opening into your chest and gently rounding on exhalation opening into your upper back….. then gently come to rest again ….. breathe deeply surrender into balasana / child’s pose and rest ….. let your whole body feel heavy.

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